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When: Feb 20, 12
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PIP (Poly Implant Prosthèses) silicone breast implants were officially recalled in this country by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) on 31st March, 2010 following a recall by the French Authorities of the PIP breast implants in France after an increased rupture rate came to light. The French company which produced the implants, Poly Implant Prosthèses, was liquidated last year. The company has been under investigation by the French authorities for possible fraud. The company’s former director Jean-Claude Mas is currently under police investigation and faces potential criminal charges of causing bodily harm.

The PIP breast implants have been found to be defective in two ways:- firstly, the shell which contains the silicone has a higher rupture rate with the French media reporting a rupture rate of double the industry average; secondly, the silicone used in the PIP implants is a cheap industrial grade silicone rather than medical grade silicone. The frightening feature of this scandal is that the use of the industrial grade silicone was not a production mistake; it was purposely used by Poly Implant Prosthèses because it is a fraction of the cost of medical grade silicone. However, while the PIP implant was a cheap product the women who received them had paid top dollar for their breast augmentation surgery and unwittingly and unknowingly received these PIP implants.

The IMB has officially named three clinics in Ireland which used the PIP implants, namely; the Shandon Street Hospital in Cork; The Harley Medical Group in Dublin and the cosmetic surgery unit at Clane General Hospital in Co. Kildare. The Shandon Street Hospital in Cork closed last year. Former patients of the Shandon Street Hospital in Cork are immediately disadvantaged as they have not been written to and informed as to whether they received the PIP implants. PIP implants have been in use since 2001 and may have been used by other private clinics not just those named by the IMB. Accordingly, if you have had breast augmentation surgery since 2001 you should make enquiries as to the identity of the manufacturer of the implant.

If you are one of the estimated 1,500 women in Ireland who received these defective PIP breast implants then you should immediately seek medical advice to ascertain if the implants have ruptured as the most important issue is your health. Ruptured implants can give rise to a number of symptoms namely soreness, redness, swelling and tenderness. Once you have sought the advice of your medical practitioner you should then seek legal advice without delay as you may be entitled to recover medical costs and other expenses as well as damages for the pain and suffering caused to you arising from the PIP breast implant recall.

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