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Under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act, 2010 a statutory civil partnership registration scheme for same sex couples was introduced in January, 2011.  The new Act confers tax benefits on cohabiting couples either of the same or opposite sex, as well as conferring property rights on “qualifying cohabitants.”

A qualifying cohabitant is defined as a person who has lived with another for 2 years or more in the case where they are the parents of one or more dependent children, or 5 years or more, in any other case.

The Act sets out the rights and obligations that civil partners have towards each other.  Civil partnerships can be registered and a register is maintained of civil partnerships by the Registrar General.

We can advise on the creation of civil partnership agreements, the nullity of civil partnerships, the dissolution of civil partnerships, protection orders, maintenance orders and pension adjustment orders in the context of civil partnerships.  We can also advise you in relation to cohabitation agreements.

If you would like more information on civil partnership or cohabitation please contact us at

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