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In order to sell alcohol for consumption on or off your restaurant premises a liquor licence must be obtained.  At Kieran McCarthy & Co. we can advise you on the most cost-efficient option to suit your needs.  A brief overview of the various licensing options available are set out below for your information:-

1.       Wine Retailer’s On-Licence:-

This licence authorises the retailer to sell up to two gallons or a dozen reputed quart bottles of wine for consumption on and off the premises.

Applications are made directly to the Revenue Commissioners for this licence which is renewed thereafter on an annual basis.

2.       Wine Retailer’s On-Licence & Restaurant Certificate:-

The addition of a restaurant certificate allows for the sale of beer and wine on the premises so long as there is no pubic bar on the premises and the beer is consumed at the same time as the meal and is also paid for at the same time.

The addition of a Restaurant Certificate to a Wine Retailer’s On-Licence removes the entitlement to sell for consumption off the premises.

An application must be made to the District Court to obtain this licence.  This application requires plans to be prepared by an engineer and there are also various notice requirements as regards advertising the application, notifying An Garda Síochána and the local District Court in advance of the application.  Once granted the licence can be renewed thereafter each year by application to the Revenue Commissioners.

3.       Special Restaurant Licence:-

This licence allows the retailer to sell any intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises.  This includes wine, beer and spirits.  It authorises sale so long as it is ordered by someone who has ordered a substantial meal, it is supplied and consumed within the dining or the waiting area during the meal or within 30 minutes or the completion of the meal, it is paid for at the same time as the meal and there is no public bar on the premises.

An application for this licence is brought in the Circuit Court.  Plans of the premises must be submitted to Court which have been prepared by an engineer.  The application is made on notice to An Garda Síochána and the Fire Officer in the locality.  The licence can be renewed each year thereafter by application to the Revenue Commissioners.

4.       Publican’s Licence & Restaurant Certificate:-

This licence allows for consumption of all alcohol with or without a substantial meal, on and off the premises.  This licence also allows for extended trading hours on certain occasions.

There is no provision in law for a new publican’s licence to be created and so an existing licence must be obtained and then extinguished in order to obtain this licence.  There are certain issues to be overcome such as the licence being extinguished must be of the same character as the licence being sought and the premises the subject matter of the application must not have been licenced previously with a “full” licence.

This licence is granted on foot of a detailed application to the Circuit Court.

For further information on licensing or to discuss your licensing requirements please contact our office on 021 4275220 or by email on and speak with one of our solicitors who will be happy to assist you.

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